Dec 16, 2011

Christmas carol

Today, we had a lot of visitor. At the morning, two people came for Hajime’s bed bath and then Tammy came.
At the afternoon, social work, nurse and doctor came. Allison and Kim also stop by to drop off our kids.
At the night, High school choir with their teacher and Joan come.
It becomes a long day for Hajime.

Usually a lady name Jamie comes our home for the bed bath… Right now, she is training a colleague so there are two people to have bed bath.
Recently, we start to let them use a regular shampoo instead of a non-rinse shampoo so Hajime seems to feel much better. In addition, his hair got short so it should be much easier to shampoo him.

Tammy finally comes again. She had an asthma attack and staying at home for a while but she looks better today. I was happy to see her again but I was a bit disappointed that she cannot come when we really need help.
Hopefully, we can find an alternative person.

We were hoping that our social worker had any information about the Medi-Cal but she did not have any today.
While our social worker was our home, we heard a huge thunders several times and Hajime was surprising about that. To tell the truth, Hajime don’t like the thunder. I think he was a little intimidated.

The nurse and doctor visit was very productive.
We could able to cover a lot including about feature plan.
We also discussed about recent incident that Hajime could not able to breath.
Doctor was pointing out that there is small possibility that our ventilator may have an issue so they will contact our supplier just in case.
They also agree that it is very dangerous situation so they will have a close eye on it.

At the night, one of a high school teacher with his choir class students came to our home. They sang a wonderful Christmas carol for Hajime.
Hajime was smiling all the time.

We are so thankful to the choir teacher Mr.Gray and Joan to arrange this Christmas carol concert for Hajime. Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday gift.

Translated by HM

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