Dec 15, 2011

Third time of Botox injection

Today we took Hajime to the clinic at Sunset to have Botox. We decide to have Botox again because the one he had three months ago getting weaker at this point.

This was the third time to take him out since he has been discharged. Maybe because he is getting used to it, he did not express a hardness much this time,, or maybe just because we used a lift. Anyway, it is a very good thing that he did not have much pain.

Around 1:30pm the van from the city came to pick up us for the 2:30pm doctor’s appointment.

It was been for a while to come back to the neurology department. The office have been remodeled and looked very different but the people work there were same and several people who used to see Hajime during the ALS clinic stopped by to say hi to us.

This time, doctor injected the Botox in four spot. Hajime was very calm. Giving that he was expressing he don’t want to do this till the very last minute, I think he really did a great job.

The city ride driver was waiting for us so we did not have to wait at all and smoothly able to come back home.
We were so thankful to this nice city service provide for us. It makes such a hard trip less stress.
If we could increase such an opportunity to take him out, we could probably get ready more smoothly and easily to take him out.
I always wish if we could have a van for the wheelchair,,,

Translated by HM

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