Dec 11, 2011

A calm day

Since the last night happening, I was filled with a feeling of tension.
I was keep watching the number on the ventilator.

Although, Hajime was pretty calm and it might just because he was tired but he was sleeping all morning and at the afternoon, he was enjoying a game as usual.

At the late afternoon, we also did a trach change, which haven’t had for a while. This time we tried the Morphine instead of Ativan based on our doctor suggestion and seem to work better.
His anxiety during his trach change was much better than usual.
We were worrying that infections may caused by not changing a trach so often so we are hoping that this trach change will help reduce and become better conditions of secretion.

I’m still afraid of nighttime.
Maybe I can’t sleep tonight as well,,,

(Translated by HM)

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