May 31, 2012


Yesterday we had the pickline for the IV inserted.
We had a 1:30 appointment.  They let us in pretty quickly and let us use the oxygen and electricity while we wait.

Finally everything was ready and it was time to go to the operating room.  Due to the radiation, I wasn't allowed in, but my husband had to help with lifting Hajime from the wheelchair to the bed so he went in.

As they did before at his surgery, they sterilized his whole arm and the doctor put the catheter in.

Can you see how the narrow tip is going in toward his shoulder?
After that, they pushed it in even further.

I was surprised at how deeply they inserted it.

When it was over, Hajime did not look as if he was having a hard time, but I think it was painful.  I feel sorry for him because when he is in pain, the only thing he can do is shed tears.

The homeschool teacher came right after we got home and started reading a book to him, but Hajime was half-asleep. I felt bad for the teacher.

Hajime seemed tired after that so he slept for awhile.  We felt relieved too.  We had been very worried about today.

Mary will be coming this afternoon and I think she will administer the IV medication.
I hope his infection will clear up soon.

(translated by MS)


  1. Please tell Hajime hey for me:) Take the time to take care of yourself. I know you are tired and exhausted , but take care of you too.

  2. I also wanted to pass along this web site to you that would enable Hajime to play video games, read a book, play scrabble on the computer etc.