May 2, 2012

IV Suddenly Scheduled for Tomorrow

It was decided that Hajime should have the IV for his infection done immediately, so we will go the hospital tomorrow and place the IV pick-line.

Hajime's veins are very narrow, so it would be extremely difficult to insert a long catheter.  That's why they've decided to do the procedure using X-rays from radiology.

The catheter that they need to insert into Hajime's arm is very long, so when I think about how painful it will be, I feel so sorry for Hajime that I haven't been able to tell him that they need to do this.  All I told him was that he needed to go to the hospital for the IV, but he was crying and dreading it.

Poor Hajime is suffering every day, unable to move by himself or talk to anyone, and to think that he has to undergo more pain makes me so truly sad for him and I start to cry.

I pray that God will prevent Hajime from feeling the pain...

(Translated by MS)

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