May 12, 2012

A Busy Week

This week was a very full week.
It started with Youth Sunday...

On Tuesday, we had a meeting with Hajime's support team for the first time in a year.  Allison, Marilynne, Paul, Lydia, and Joan came. We talked about changes in Hajime's condition, developments in his Medi-cal situation, and any problems we might be having.
Just as before, the team supported us and we are overhwhelmed with gratitude towards them.  Thank you so very much, everyone.

On Wednesday, Ashley came to visit.
Ashley was the Youth Ministry counselor, but she will be moving away to Santa Cruz where her parents live.
She has visited us often since the time Hajime was hospitalized.  We will miss her.

That night, we thought Mint was licking Hajime's feet, but so after he bit him.  It started to bleed and Hajime was in pain.

Thursday was Mary's day to visit.
First, we had her check Hajime's feet.  She told us to keep an eye on the area where Mint had bitten Hajime. She said that if it became redder and spread, we should contact her immediately.
She thought that his infection looked better than the last time, so the problem may be clearing up.
But Hajime does need to have a pick-line, so I asked how long he would have to keep it, and I was shocked!  He has to have it for months and months. It seems they're thinking in terms of years.
We had been thinking months and that is why my husband even thought maybe Hajime doesn't have to have it at all.  We were really surprised to hear that it would take months and months.
Of course, if Hajime's condition becomes progressively worse, he will have to be hospitalized.
It looks like his bedsores have gotten much better.  I am so glad!
And, I have to cut his nails.  They've gotten very long, but I keep remembering about the last time, and I get scared.
Mary told me that if his nails are hard, I should soak his hands and feet in a basin of warm water to soften them a little and then cut them.

Next week, Hajime's grandmother will be coming from Japan.
Hajime is beside himself with anticipation.

(translated by MS)

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