May 19, 2012

Visitor from Japan and temporary return to Japan

Within few days, Hajime’s grandma will visit from Japan.
They will stay from May 21st to June 11th. Hajime is so much looking forward.

One the other hand, Hajime’s dad will temporary return to Japan on Wednesday.
Last time my husband was out only for 2 nights but this time will be a weeklong. I’m a bit worry to handle everything all by myself. I need to take care Hajime day and night so please pray for me that I can make it through.
This time, I’m hoping that my mom can watch my kids and do some housework so that I can concentrate to Hajime’s care. 

Last night, we interviewed a nurse supposedly work for a night shift through Medi-cal. We already met a day shift nurse so hopefully we can start the care pretty soon. It has been for a while since Medical approved and if we cannot start within 6 month, which means by next month, we have to start over from the applications. Since we have been denied Medical before, I think an agency is a bit skeptical to start the service.
A feeling of urgency welled up in me...

(translated by HM)

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