May 3, 2012

IV has been cancel

Hajime’s IV placement has been canceled because it was not easy to hold the radiology department doctor. Mary will come tomorrow so we will discuss about this matter with her.
Hajime was a bit scared to have an IV so maybe it was a good thing. His infection seems to getting better but still a secretion is greenish and has a bit odor. This kind of problem might become serious so we have to be really careful.

By the way, my friend Kumiko came and cut Hajime’s hair. How do you think? Isn’t it nice and short?

When I took this photo, Hajime was awake but he could not able to open his eyes so looks like he was sleeping. Actually he was trying really hard to open.

Least time, his backside of his hair was a bit long so I requested to cut it shorter. I was thinking to take a photo together with Hajime and Kumiko but I completely forgot it. Kumiko, let take a photo next time!

(translated by HM)

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