May 5, 2012

After in all, decide to have IV

Mary came yesterday and talked about his infection. It turned out that his infection did not get fully recovered and there is some risk to have a complication later. Because of that, we decide to place a pick-line.
Procedure will take place without putting into sleep so I’m planning to give him a pain medication before we leave a house.
We haven’t got a date yet so we don’t know when but I told Hajime that we decide to have a pick-line. Although, I could not able to tell him it is a long line. There is a risk that infection may cause pneumonia so I want to handle this issue carefully.

Lately Hajime cannot sleep well. Because of that we decide to give him one of a medication at morning to make him relax. I’m hoping there is a moment he could relax and sleep well.
Hajime himself is doing pretty well. He some time cannot open his eyes but when he can, probably because he had a haircut, he looks so nice.
He sometime asks for a Mint so I put Mint on his bed and Hajime enjoy watch him. It is so nice to see and makes me smile.
Thank you, Mint.

(translated by HM)

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