May 24, 2012

Grandma's Arrival in America

We had been waiting to see Grandma and Auntie for a long time, and they finally came back to see Hajime.  For him, this was the best present.
I want to enjoy this visit with them again.

I asked our caretaker Darla to see Hajime and went to pick them up at the airport around 2:00.
Maybe because it was the beginning of the busy season, but there were many people there.
There was also a long line at customs, so it took a long time (to get through).

When they came home, our homeschool teacher was here, so Grandma and Auntie could only see Hajime's face, but afterwards, they had an emotional meeting together.

Hajime still seems to be having a hard time with his secretions.  The secretions often come out of his nose, and the odor has become stronger.
When I see his secretions coming out nonstop, I feel so sorry for him because it looks like he is suffering so much. He hasn't been able to do Botox treatments because the doctor has been out sick so he could not have Botox at the same time we went to the hospital for the "pickline".  It looks like we will do Botox again in June.

(translated by MS)

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