Jun 6, 2012

Graduation banquet at the church

On Sunday at the church, we attend to the graduation banquet.

Many friends come by to say hi to Hajime.

Usually, we do not want to let Hajime expose to the dinner table but it was important ceremony for Hajime and we have been told that there will be Hajime’s video shown during the ceremony so we decide to attend with our family and Hajime’s grandma.
Unfortunately, due to the time constrain, video did not shown. It was not only for Hajime’s ceremony so I understand but I was a bit upset about it.
I regret myself, because Hajime seemed to have a hard time being there. Hajime actually expressed me that I shouldn’t be there,,,
Nice looking food right in front of him but he couldn’t eat,,, it must be very hard time which we even cannot imagine. I’m so sorry Hajime,,,

(translated by HM)

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