May 16, 2012

Many secretions

I’m overwhelmed with all of a sudden his secretions increased a lot past two days. It’s coming out from his mouth, from his track and even from his nose.
What is going on?
Since it was so many from his nose, I plugged with tissues during daytime but at the nighttime I took off. Then, by next morning so many secretions were coming out from his nose. Color is greenish and odor is not so good. Secretions from his track are also greenish and thick too. His pillow even gets wet.

We contact Mary and decide to restart one of a medication to suppress secretions. At the same time, we will put his head higher and use suction catheter to suction from his nose.
Hajime seems to be very uncomfortable.  Maybe we have to have a Botox again.

(translated by HM)

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  1. It is important that you consult your Pulmonologist to see if Hajime-kun may be developing lung infections which can lead to Pneumonia. Respiratory Therapist is also a good one to consult too to see if she or he can show you how to use a Cough Assist machine.

    I've had ALS for going on my 7th year. I used to work as a Respiratory Therapist at Stanford Hospital before I was diagnosed with ALS.

    I am not trached but I use Cough Assist machine daily together with my suction machine to get all the phlem and mucus out of my lungs to prevent lung infections.

    Here is a YouTube video on what a Cough Assist machine from Respironics looks like:

    Ganbatte kudasai !!