May 18, 2012

A busy day

Today we had so many visitor. It is strange that some how visitor coincidentally come all at once.

At morning, Ashley and Mike came. 
They are Youth counselor and they even visit Hajime when he was at the hospital.
They read a part of Samuel in the Bible to Hajime. Ashley will move out a town soon. We will miss her.

After they left, my friends Mariko and Noriko came. They always pray for a family and helping us. It also helps me because they speak Japanese. I can talk about my worries in Japanese. It will truly regain my energy having such friends. Thanks!

Tommy also came to see Hajime. 
I always thinking to take a photo and finally I did. He visits Hajime very often and watches TV together. He is so kind and we all love him.
When Hajime was still doing fine, they went out together to the AnimeExpo, to the Little Tokyo and etc.

After Tommy’s visit, Hajime had a bed bath and then doctor and Mary visit.
With doctor, we discussed about his tooth, secretions and Botox.

I was happy to have such a nice and intense day.
This will make Hajime a wake at the daytime too.

(translated by HM)

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