May 8, 2012

Youth Sunday

Yesterday, we attended the annual Youth Sunday service at our church.  On this day, the students who are graduating from high school give speeches and share memories.

Hajime would have been graduating this year.
But I think he was very happy just to be able to participate with everyone at this service.
He was looking forward to it from the day before...

On the day of the service, he set off for church in high spirits wearing a T-shirt that his father had bought for him before as a souvenir.

We had decided to request a wheelchair taxi for him, and Marilynne made all the arrangements for us.  I think taxi did a good service.

When we entered the church, I somehow felt a bit relieved.
I hadn't been attending church lately, and I felt guilty and bad about it. (Whenever I go) I start to remember the times when Hajime was healthy, and it hurts so much.  But now I'm thinking about going back to church slowly, little by little. To everyone at church, I apologize.

We put Hajime in the front so he could see everything.
The service was about to begin.

It was a moving time.
There were 15 graduates in all this year, many more than usual.  Ryo gave Hajime's speech in his place.  

Here is a video of Ryo's speech.

At the end of Ryo's speech, whole congrigation give us a standing ovation. 
I had a hard time to keep record this without crying.
Thank you so much everyone.

(translated by MS)

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  1. It brought tears to my eyes to see him out and enjoying a special occasion. Then it really brought tears to my eyes watching the video. Just curious....have you asked Hajime if he wants to get out more? Please tell him hey for me:)