May 10, 2012

Redness on His Neck

The emotional Youth Sunday is over now, and I'm catching my breath.
Normally, Hajime would have been very reluctant to go out, but he had been looking forward to it very much.
He was so happy to be included with his friends who are graduating.
And he was very touched by the planting of his tree.

I noticed it when I was cleaning his trache, but the area around the opening was red.
We had been putting medicine on this area because of the redness, but I did not know that it had become this red.

Hajime has been having a lot of secretions, so this area is always wet.  That is why it sometimes bleeds, and I have to change the gauze at least twice a day.

As for his infection, it looks like his appointment for the pick-line will be on the 30th.  It would be great if he is completely better by then, but the reality is that it probably won't be better.

(translated by MS)

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