May 29, 2012

Dad Is Coming Home

It has already been a week since Grandma arrived.
Our house has been filled with cheerful sounds every day.  I hope that Hajime is feeling happy just listening to everyone laughing.

But I am worried. His nose is very runny, he is producing a lot of saliva, and his breathing is faster.  And, as usual, the odor is very bad.
I think this is because of his infection.
Hajime has secretions coming out of every opening, and I feel so sorry for him.
He needs to have Botox, but his doctor is sick so he can't do it yet.  And when I think of how the radiation treatment did not help at all,  I start to wonder why they had to put him through all that discomfort.  I think the only thing that is helping him now is the liquid medicine.
Well, they will do the pickline day after tomorrow, so I think they will give him the IV the following day.  We can only wait.

Dad will already be coming home from Japan tomorrow.
I can finally get some relief from my 24-hour nursing care.
I look like I'm OK, but deep down I am tired.
Taking care of Hajime, taking care of Mint (he follows me everywhere), my children, my guests...I did a pretty good job!

(translated by MS)

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