Feb 24, 2012

A Taste He Remembers Fondly

The Taste That Brings Back Memories

The one and only joy in Hajime's life is juice! Of course Hajime cannot drink through his mouth so I have to give him drinks through his G-tube. Lately, I have been giving him juice more often, so one can is almost not enough.

Even yesterday, I was giving him a can of Squirt, little by little from the morning, but for the first time in a very long time he "said" that he wanted me to put some in his mouth too.

For a long time, Hajime has been scared to taste anything in his mouth, maybe because he was afraid to choke or didn't want to remember how things tasted, so (since he asked me) I put some juice in a little cup, soaked a sponge in it, and put it in his mouth.

The fact that he was able to drink and taste all of it made me very happy. Of course, he cannot swallow it so I had to suction it all back out.

When I asked Hajime, "Doesn't that bring back memories?", he blinked as if to say, "Yes". I am so happy when Hajime can experience even a little joy. For a healthy person, it is nothing, but for Hajime, this was a very big deal.

Now l'd like to tell you about our doggy.

Hajime's doggy got a haircut, so now he is this cute. His hair had been long, so we were surprised at how different he looked.

Like people who look different after a haircut, he looked like a different dog. He will have surgery next Monday and he will have stitches so it will take about 8 days for him to recuperate. So I think we will bring him home next, next week. He is a toy poodle, but the reason he looks so big is that his legs are very long.
This doggy is still just a puppy, 7 months old, but I hear his mother and father are groomed to be champion dogs.
So even if he is a puppy, he must be a very smart dog.

After he (finally) comes to our house, we may have a hard time housebreaking him, but we want to take the best care of him.

We are really looking forward to it.

Translated by MS


  1. What you did for Hajime to experience a little joy was sweet. PALS have to give up so much because of ALS. Continue to find things that will bring him joy. I know he looks forward to having his dog soon:) Tell Hajime "Hi" from me!

  2. Hi Judy! I'm sorry not response for comment. He is like a dog "Mint". I told Hajime say "Hi" from you. :)