Feb 28, 2012

Somewhere to move

Yesterday, Hajime’s arm gets red.

It is still not sure what is causing this but it sometime happening on his right arm. Somehow maybe because he does not have any muscle on his left arm, I don’t see on his left arm…
In other word, I’m hoping that he might still have some muscle on his right hand… Although, his right thumb which used to move a little now move at all. I was having a slight hope though…

There are many people who lost a most of their muscle strength but they always have somewhere to move (feel hand) and doing a blog.
I’m hoping that Hajime’s muscle also do not loose for all and at least to move somewhere.

Since last night, three of our family (Dad, Ryo and Yuki) went to Vandenberg Air Force Base at Lompoc. Today, they go into AFB and see a spacecraft call NuSTAR, which my husband is making. It is planned to launch next month.

Hajime loved to go air force base but this time he could not go. I told him that they when to the base and he looked so sad. He was crying. I’m sure he wanted to go.
It is heartbreaking that we cannot go out with Hajime anymore. Of course, I’m not giving up for a hope.
Let’s go out together, Hajime!

Translated by HM

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