Feb 4, 2012

Always consider how we feel

Hajime enjoy playing a new game Ryo bought. The triangle pillow really makes Hajime’s leg moveable and able to play game. I’m so happy. It is a miracle. Today, he also watched a movie “GOZIRA” through XBOX. Hajime loves GOZIRA.

Yesterday, homecare nurse, a bed bath helper, and a nurse from the palliative care team came.

Bed bathing is being smooth with a homecare nurse and Jaime’s cooperative work. Mostly, it depends how people get use to work with Hajime so I’m hoping homecare nurse won’t quit so quickly.

Palliative team nurse always thinks how Hajime and we feels.
Hajime don’t like to use suppository so I’m also having very hard time when I have to give it to him. She originally told us that we should give him as a routine but after feedback of how we are feeling about this, she told us let’s thinks for another options. She told us, we could use other medication but not a suppository type,,, or we could increase SENNA etc. She will discuss with a doctor about this matter.
The team always put their priority how Hajime feel best so unlike a regular hospital, they listen to us very well. I feel so fortune to have such a nice team.

Hajime is sick of seeing medical related person at this point but I’m hoping that Hajime can be more au naturel in front of them.
Next week, we will hold a meeting with whole team including a doctor. I’m hoping we can find a good plan during that time.

Translated by HM

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