Feb 13, 2012

Conversation with my husband

Today I had a chance to talk with my husband about Hajime.
Recently, both of us were so busy on regular life, work and care and did not have time to just sit down and talk.
We are both so tired and we could not even care each other enough. Was not a good team to take care Hajime,,,,

We remember clearly the day. The day we come across to know about ALS and fear us it could be Hajime’s disease.

I remember we talked that whatever happen to Hajime, even become bedridden, we will take care him. It was around June 2010.
Now, he actually needs care 24/7.

We know how this disease progress but we always try to believe that for my son’s case, progress will stop.

I’m so sad my son’s case was so aggressive progression.

We talked about how fast it progressed and share about fears we have. It has been progressed so fast and does not seem to stop anywhere.
Hajime has a strong will of living and hope. We want to support such Hajime with every way.

We also talked about the great people who have helped us during this difficult time.
Some people left from us but always they are somebody whenever we need help.
We want to thanks to all of the people who have help us. We will continue our best support to make Hajime feel happy.

Translated by HM

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