Feb 16, 2012

Big love

Lately, Hajime has been playing games and watching TV from the morning. He was playing this game a lot.

I do not know how much longer he can play this game. I feel happy watching Hajime enjoy playing the game in his own way but I also wonder what he is thinking and feeling as he is playing and it pains me.

I am so proud of the way Hajime is trying to live his life to the fullest everyday. He is truly a strong child. I know it must all be so hard for him, but he still worries about me! Of course, everyone else in my family cares for me too.

Last night, I sat in a chair and I thought for a long time. I am truly blessed. I am surrounded by wonderful children and I have a husband who is always standing by me and taking care of me. Of course, Hajime has taught all of us so many things, and he has encouraged us and touched us with his gentleness. I think to myself, “Where in the world is there someone more blessed than I am?”

I know it is strange to say this, but when Hajime became sick, our lives changed completely. But it has not been all sad times. I can say that now we are happier than we have ever been and we know that we are not all alone. So many people have surrounded us with their love, cheered us on, and supported us. There is nothing as precious as love, is there? Each person’s love has led to a greater love and we have been blessed by it.

To all of you who are visiting my blog and cheering us on, I thank you so very much. Hajime is fighting everyday, comforted by the love we receive from all of you. Please continue to remember him.

Translated by MS

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