Feb 18, 2012

Still no help from Medi-Cal

From this week, we decide to increase the time for the caregiver to 4 days a week. It is helping me a lot.

One thing it make me worry is Hajime don’t like her much. Hajime doesn’t like a person who hurt him when trying to do something or a person tries to do too much. She is really new so I told Hajime that she would learn as time passes. Always at the beginning, just making a communication is difficult. For me, make Hajime feel confortable is most important things.
Now, I’m worrying Hajime’s condition. His secretion’s color and odor is not so good again. Because we have not receiving enough gauze, we only able to change Hajime’s gauze every other days but our nurse helped us so that we can receive enough gauze to change every day.
We always receive such kind of less that what we needs but the palliative team is helping us a lot and advocate our needs.

We are having hard time to transfer the Medi-Cal. Yesterday finally we got a call from the caseworker and informed where we are.
Currently they are having trouble activating our Medi-Cal at LA County. Somehow it rejects their request by system.
I have no idea how long this goanna take to resolve. I can’t wait to have a nurse from Medi-cal but obviously it is not that easy…

Hajime was playing a game today. Ryo’s school was close so they were playing together.
Today’s weather is sunny and nice. It will be a nice calm day.

Translated by HM

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