Feb 8, 2012

Prevent from catching a cold

Two days passed since Hajime’s grandma left. Hajime seemed a bit sad yesterday but Ryo was being with him to fill in a gap. Ryo understand Hajime very well.

Hajime’s secretion amount and odor increased so I’ve request whether we can start giving an antibiotics through nebulizer earlier than we planned. We got permission yesterday so I’ve started since last night. I hope this will help suppress secretion and prevent infections.

The day before yesterday, there is a small incidence to make me worry. Hajime told us that he feels ill with a slight fever.

Past few weeks, Ryo was sick and coughing all the time. Then my mother, sister and nephew got a cold as well. At the end, I’m having a sore throat too. Because of that, I worried that Hajime also might catch a cold. Nurse advised us if his fever become higher than 100F we would contact them and they will instruct us what should we do. I’m hopping nothing get serious.

Yesterday and this morning, he doesn’t have any fever so I’m soooo relieved.

About the dog, not much progress but few days ago, RT and social worker were at home and they were both positive having a poodle because they are hypoallergenic. Considering all my friends input, size, how smart etc,,, we are looking for a toy poodle now.
If anyone has any info about toy poodle, please let us know.

Translated by HM

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