Feb 22, 2012

Many Tearful Days

For the past few days, Hajime has been crying a lot. Just this morning, he was crying because he couldn't play a game. Now, he can no longer play his favorite game called "Call of Duty". I think he was thinking, "I still wanted to play!"

Last night when he was watching his brother and sister play, he was crying. I think he really wanted to get up and move around, just as they were. Very few friends come to visit him anymore and unfortunately even the church youth group friends hardly come around.

But, even if they did come, he couldn't say anything to them. I think he would want to talk and laugh with his friends. I think it makes him really sad that he can't speak.

Right now it seems that he is really feeling lonely. I want him to always feel happy and content but...
If you can, please visit Hajime!

To change the subject, I don't know if he was just tired, but recently, Hajime was sleeping for days. His face was pale and cold...
I looked at Hajime and panicked. Is his heart working properly? Is it just the respirator keeping him alive? Is his body warm? I worried so much about these questions that I even did things like open his eyes. I was really scared. Of course, there was nothing wrong.

I guess we have been living with fear everyday. We have to trust God more and believe that, yes, Hajime will be alright.

Translated by MS

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