Feb 21, 2012

The Power of Friends

Last weekend, I left Hajime with my husband and went out with some friends for the first time in a long time. It was a good pick-me-up for me because I rarely get out of the house on weekdays.

I went to lunch with my good friends Shihomi-san and Ikurin. At night I went to a fancy place called Shunji with my new friends Toru-san, Kuraishi-san, Akemi-san, Yamaguchi-san, and also my friend Oriori. This is so blissful, I thought. I came home feeling quite content.

I had made Hajime feel a bit lonely but I think he is happy to be able to see me smile. So when I came home, I poured my love over him!

I am grateful to my husband for giving me this time. Thank you!

Now, about Hajime's doggy. We debated whether we should get a dog through a shelter or a breeder, but in the end we decided on a dog from a poodle breeder who our good friend, Joan, knows. We did go to the shelter with high hopes, but maybe because poodles are so popular, there already was a waiting list of people registered to adopt, so we gave up. I guess it is not a matter of first come first served when you're adopting.

But going to the shelter was a very good learning experience. Most of the dogs were shaking and looked lonely. When I go there, I feel so sad it hurts. I hope that they will all find a foster home soon.

This is a picture of the toy poodle we picked. His hair is a little long so we will have to cut it. He is a male, about 9 months old. He is a very gentle, quiet dog.

He will have to have surgery and such so he will not be coming to our house for about 3 weeks. We are looking forward to that. But, since he is still a puppy, the first thing we will have to take care of is his toilet training! We're going to have to work hard at that!

As soon as I showed Hajime this picture of the doggy, he shed a big tear. I think he must have felt something. I hope the doggy will be a good friend for Hajime.

Translated by MS

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  1. I know Hajime is so excited. The power of a pet's love is incredible! Tell Hajime "hey" for me:)