Nov 3, 2012

The Day Before Disney California Adventure

We are finally going to Disney California Adventure tomorrow.
It has been almost two years since we went to Disneyland for his birthday in January last year.
This time, the main thing is to see the fireworks, not the fireworks at Disneyland but the light and water show called World of Color (at California Adventure).

This is a picture of the time we went to World of Color for Hajime's birthday last year.

We're going because Hajime wants to go, so I hope he can enjoy it.

The antibiotics are working well, so I'm hoping we can go without having to put tissue in his nose.  We do have to continue his suctioning.

We can only go for a short time because of his oxygen issue, so I hope we can really have fun.
We will borrow a van at 4:00 and then head toward Anaheim about 4:30.  When we get there, we will park in a lot on the first floor for wheelchair guests and take a private shuttle to the Disney park gate.

We have already bought the tickets, so I think we should be able to get in without any trouble.
It was Manami who made this little Disney trip possible.  It is because of her that we will be able to see a part of Disneyland that we've never seen. We will meet Manami at the gate tomorrow and then go immediately to the Aladdin show.

I plan to take a lot of pictures, so please take a look at them when I upload them onto my blog.

I'm already looking forward to tomorrow.

(translated by MS)

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