Nov 12, 2012

Deterioration of His Eyelid Muscles

Hajime's infection is not good.

He is diligently taking his antibiotics, but I'm a bit worried about the green secretion around his trache and the odor.
And, once in a while, his runny nose is very heavy.  It is very thick, especially from the right nostril.  His left side is just runny.

When he showed symptoms of the infection before, it was a few days after he had finished his antibiotics.  This time, he is in the middle of his course of antibiotics, so I am very concerned,  but Mary said not to worry because he doesn't have a fever.
But, to tell you the truth, I'm starting to wonder if it might be too late to wait until after he comes down with a fever.  I know we must evaluate everything calmly.

I plan to watch him carefully.

Yesterday, I looked at a video of Hajime from when he was in the hospital last year.
He looked more energetic, his face was more expressive, and he was able to open and close his eyes normally on his own.

The past few days, it has become extremely difficult for him to move his eyes.
We changed the way he indicates yes and no.  We changed it so that he moves his eyes sideways; yes is to the right and no is to the left.
When we ask Hajime a question, it looks like he is trying his best to move his eyes, but I don't know if his eyes have gotten stiff because his eyes are just partly open and we can see only the whites.
I have no idea if he is answering yes or no.

The disease continues to affect his eyes...
I just keep sighing.

(translated by MS)

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