Nov 17, 2012

Yesterday Was a Bit Tough

Our new nurse started yesterday.
She seems like a very kind and reserved person so I hope things work out this time.  It really is difficult to decide things on just one interview.

Hajime finished his antibiotics on Tuesday morning, but his secretion is starting to turn green again.  There is an odor, and he has also had a fever for two days, so I'm a bit worried.  I don't know if Mary hasn't told us anything because she doesn't want us to worry, but I'm wondering if maybe Hajime has developed a resistance.   Of course, we can't keep giving him antibiotics...
I am very, very worried.

I am also concerned because something different is happening with the respirator.  Normaly, we do suction when his breath volume decreases and then volume become nominal. However this time, the volume drops even lower than before after the suction.   After a while, it does return to normal.
Mary said that we should check to see if air is leaking from the cuff or if the tube is loose somewhere.  The cuff was leaking a little air, so I feel a bit relieved that maybe that was the problem.

Yesterday when we were giving him a bed bath and we turned him, I panicked because the volume dropped very low and it did not return to normal even after he took breath after breath.  But after several times, I was relieved when it did finally go back to normal.

So yesterday was a tough day.

My friend Manami lent us a movie Hajime is recently into called, "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds", so he has been watching it almost every day.
In fact, he is watching it right now, next to me.  He watched it last night too.  There must be something about it that he really connects to.

I hope today will be a peaceful day...

(translated by MS)

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