Nov 26, 2012

Thank You for Coming

Thanksgiving is finally over and school will start again tomorrow.  The break felt long but it was also short.
It may have seemed short because my husband was busy with work.

I think it was good for Hajime because even though he couldn't taste any of the food, his friends came over to visit.
Danny, who moved away to Oregon, and Kevyn came to see him on the last day of vacation.

I'm happy that his high school friends came to see him on their vacation.

And many of my friends came too.

It really is fun to get together with people and have a good time.
Manami brought more of Hajime's favorite Studio Ghibli movies.
He's already watched three today.  Thank you, Manami!

Hajime is not doing very well, so he was prescribed a different antibiotic at the end of last week.  He is taking it three times a day again.
His breathing is not very good lately so I hope it does not turn into a big problem.

On top of everything else, I'm not doing too well either...
I've been bothered by something someone told me and I feel restless.
I have dreams about a traumatic day Hajime had, and I feel scared all day.  It's hard to explain but I feel like I'm going to burst.

(translated by MS)

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