Nov 7, 2012

Something I Noticed

It's already been three days since that fun day at California Adventure.
I'm so happy that Hajime was able to have a really good time.

When we went, I noticed that not one person looked at Hajime in a funny way.  Isn't that wonderful?
It was very crowded but, of course, no one acted like, "Hey, this guy is in the way".  I was surprised at how different it is from Japan.

I think there are many people in Japan who look at disabled people differently.
I have seen that time after time.
But I was surprised at how, here in America, there are all kinds of facilities so that disabled people can go out and enjoy things like everyone else.  Also, rides can accommodate something as big as Hajime's wheelchair.
I wish that Japan would provide more facilities for disabled people.

Next time, we'd like to go to Disneyland.

Even if we can't go on the rides, it would be enough just to see the parade and the fireworks and the pretty decorations.
I'd like to go again during Christmas.

Hajime is still taking antibiotics for his infection.  But his secretion is green again so I'm a bit worried.  Why is this happening even when he's taking the antibiotics?

(translation MS)

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