Nov 9, 2012

Has He Built Up a Resistance?

Maybe he has already built up a resistance to the infection.

He is on a two-week course of antibiotics, but even during this time, his runny nose is green (and very thick) and there is green secretion on the gauze around his trache.
The secretion from his lungs is clear or cream-colored, so I'm not worried about that, but I am extremely anxious about the other two symptoms.

It will be a very big problem if the antibiotics are no longer effective.
Hajime's infection is very difficult to get rid of and we're afraid that it might also cause pneumonia, so we must watch him very carefully.

Mary is coming today, so I will discuss these things with her.

Last night, we interviewed someone for the day nurse position.
The three of us (Hajime, my husband, and I) had never all agreed on any of the people we interviewed before, but last night we did.
She's female, she has eight years of experience, and she has a gentle demeanor.
We contacted the agency today, so we plan to have her start from about the end of next week.
I hope this nurse will be good for Hajime and stay for a long time.

It is an extremely difficult task to make a decision based on one short interview.

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