Oct 31, 2012

They Found the Bacteria

We found the cause of Hajime's infection.
They tested a sample of his runny nose.

In Wikipedia, the name of the bacteria is "Pseudomonas".
It rarely infects healthy people, but it appears in people with a weakened immune system,  people who are weak due to a long hospitalization or surgery, and elderly people who are bedridden.
Sometimes the infection can cause pneumonia.
If someone has an infection from this bacteria,  it is easy to develop a resistance and the treatment becomes extremely difficult.
They say that Hajime will always have this infection.

Two nights ago, we started him on anitbiotics right away.
We had been giving him other antibiotics through his G-tube for a few days before that.  If we were to stop that partway, he could develop a resistance more easily, so we are giving Hajime both antibiotics concurrently.

We've already given him antibiotics several times, but we were unable to completely kill off all the bacteria, so he got another infection.
I am very worried about the future.                                                                                                                                                                  

(translated by MS)

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