Nov 23, 2012


We celebrated the third Thanksgiving since Hajime became sick.
The time has passed quickly.

The year that he became sick, our whole family took a trip to Las Vegas.
I remember very well eating turkey at our hotel.
I wish we could have taken a trip like that again the following year.  That year, he had been released from the hospital after a five-month stay and could no longer get out of bed, let alone eat anything.

Last year and this year, the many families who are helping us brought all kinds of food.
This year too our table is covered with so much food.
Joan is the one who arranges everything.
I am always so touched by everyone's kindness.
Thank you all very much.

I forgot to upload this the other day.  Here is a picture of his haircut.

Manami introduced us to a haircutter who can come to our house.  Her name is Chinatsu.
I forgot to take a picture of her this time, but I will for sure next time!
She is a very nice person, and she gave him a stylish haircut.

Kumiko, who usually comes to cut his hair, has been stuck in Japan, so she won't be able to come for awhile.  So that's why we asked Chinatsu to come.

The weather is good today and Hajime has been watching "Castle in the Sky (Laputa)" since the morning.
Right now everything is peaceful and I feel happy.

(translated by MS)

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