Nov 15, 2012

Support Team Meeting

Last night we had a meeting with Hajime's support team.
Marilynne, Joan and Lydia attended.
Everyone was busy, but they took time out of their busy schedules to come.

This group has already been together for two years.
It was formed when Hajime's disease had not yet progressed much.
We did not meet when he was in the hospital so there were times when we didn't get together for awhile.  But I am grateful that they're still thinking of doing something for Hajime.

We discussed his current condition, the trip to California Adventure, the staff, and any concerns we had.
We talked about making plans to take Hajime out at least once a month.
I have a friend who can borrow a van and I'm hoping he can stay here for a long time.  Then we can take Hajime out often.

We also talked about fundraisers.
We have expensive bills for electricity, medicine, and other medical supplies.
But it's hard for us to ask for help, so I am very grateful for this idea.  First, I plan to write down in a notebook how much we are spending and for what.

Thank you for coming, support team members!

(translated by MS)

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