Oct 26, 2012

I Love NHK!

It has gotten very cold the past few days.
The sun is very strong and it is hot if I don't close Hajime's curtains.  But the wind outside is very cold so I check to see where the sun is no longer hitting and open the windows to let fresh air in.
If the sun were a little less strong, I could open the curtains earlier.
And our windows are old and warped, so it's a struggle to get them open.  It's like I have to pull them as hard as I can and fight and fight and then finally they open.

The past few days, I've been leaving the TV on NHK during the day, and amazingly Hajime has been watching the whole time!
When I asked him before, "Shall I turn on the TV?" he would say no, but now he's saying he'll watch NHK.  I'm surprised.
So Hajime is watching TV all day.
It makes me happy.
He is watching everything...from the Wide Show to the news to cooking shows.
I am so grateful to NHK.  Thank yoouuu!

This is the same Hajime who didn't want to do anything every day.  It's a good sign!

(translated by MS)

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