Oct 14, 2012

Feeling All Alone

Hajime still has an infection.  We haven't started him on antibiotics yet.  He sometimes gets better and then he gets worse.
I think he's probably trying to fight it with his own immune system.

On Friday he had a blood test.  (He has a pickline so it would've been good if they could have drawn his blood through the pickline.  But last time they couldn't do it and this time they couldn't either, so they did the test with a hypodermic needle). Maybe the results weren't good, but they're also going to have to check his phlegm.  Depending on the results, he may have to take antibiotics.

His fever is down, but he still has a runny nose.

Today he stared at the ceiling all day and didn't watch any TV.

Hajime seemed really lonely because we eat our meals in the dining room and he can hear the children's laughter.  I wish we could bring his bed over to the dining room and then he could join in our conversation, but we don't want to be eating in front of him.

It's times like these that I feel so badly for him.
It's also hard that the living room is right next to his bed and close enough for him to see, but it's a little too far to hear what's going on.
We're in the same house, and yet he feels so far away from us.  I have to do something about that.  But it is hard.

I feel like I'm making excuses.  I should think more about Hajime's feelings and do more for him.

(translated by MS)

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  1. You could also ask him if he would like to be in there when ya'll eat or you could set up a small table in his room where he can be with ya'll. He may even let you sit on his bed and have a picnic:)