Oct 2, 2012

Nighttime Fever

Hajime's fever did go down, but these past few days, he has had a low-grade fever only at night.

I think his secretion does not smell very good either.  I wonder if he has an infection because it is also a light green color, but I don't know if it's a good idea to give him antibiotics.

There is a lot of discharge from his eyes, so sometimes he can't open his eyes very well.  He's using a medication called Zanitor for allergies.  I wonder if he has a cold?

He must not feel too good because he sleeps a lot during the day.
Seeing him like this makes me wonder if it might be better to give him medicine.
When he is in pain, he feels depressed and less able to fight the disease.

There are some people who have not said it to me but I get the feeling that they can't help Hajime or our family much anymore.
I understand that everyone has different things to deal with, but I still feel sad.

When I start thinking about all these things, I start to cry at how pathetic I am.

(translated by MS)

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