Oct 12, 2012

Interaction with the Outside

I'm sorry about the fuss I created with a previous entry.
There were different opinions, and I myself wonder if my thinking is correct.
So now I'm a little hesitant about writing this blog.

Since that time, Hajime has had a fever off and on.  He also has a runny nose off and on.   Mary is coming today so I will ask her a lot of questions.

During the day, Hajime is often staring blankly at the ceiling.

I wonder what he is thinking about.
The day nurse doesn't ask him too many questions, so he is looking at the ceiling more.

He has gotten tired of watching TV too.  What should we do for him?
I think talking to people and going out might be good.

He doesn't have to physically go outside, but he could meet visitors and talk to people using the computer.
The best thing is to be constantly connected to people that way, even if he is in bed.
Unfortunately, he still doesn't feel like using the computer.  It seems his eyes get very tired.  But something like Skype might be good.

I'd like for him to try different things.

(translated by MS)

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