Oct 22, 2012

I Was Energized

Today was a beautiful day.  For the first time, we opened the window in Hajime's room with just the screen.  We opened the back door too and let the breeze in.  The breeze felt wonderful, and Hajime's face looked like he was saying,  "Ahhh, that really feels good!"

We had not opened his window before because a lot of ants would come in every time we opened it.  Also,  it was often hot, so we kept the curtains closed and just controlled the room temperature with the air conditioner.  But today the air from outside was actually cooler...so that was our first time!  It was perfect.

Hajime was able to feel like he was outdoors while still lying in bed, so I'd like to open the window again for him on days when there is a good breeze.

On such a beautiful day, something even more wonderful awaited us!
Our friends, husband and wife, Taka and Mai, came to visit.

They are dear friends who truly want to support Hajime.  They want everyone to know about Hajime, and so they've told all the people they know about him.  They want Hajime to regain his spirits, and I have been uplifted and encouraged too.

They told him, "Hajime, you are really hanging in there.  Hajime, you're doing great!"  and Hajime looked very happy.
These words can start to lift his spirits.
We received a gift more precious than anything else.

I, too, had been depressed lately, but thanks to our friends,  I felt energized and encouraged.  I was able to feel a great calmness and healing with them and a warm feeling filled our house.

There will be many things in the future, but I hope that we can continue to be friends.  It makes me happy to think that there are people who really understand what we are going through.  They told us that their parents are also cheering Hajime on from Japan.  What a love-filled family!  I am thankful that we were able to meet them.

Thank you very much for coming today, Taka and Mai!

(translated by MS)

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