Oct 8, 2012

We Couldn't Stop Laughing

My friends from Torrance came to visit today.
They have always supported Hajime, but it was actually their first time meeting him.  Still, we were all able to feel comfortable and relaxed. Thank you!

When Hajime has difficulty responding, he looks up and sideways and indicates, "I dunno...", but he normally doesn't do that around other people.
But today, he did it with my friends.
We couldn't stop laughing, and I think Hajime was happy too.

Thank you, Hami-chan, Eri-chan, Satopi!

Hajime did not have a fever last night, but he did again tonight.  His nose is very runny and I feel so badly for him.  But it's good Hajime seemed really happy today.  I hope he completely recovers by the time we go to Disneyland.

Hang in there, Hajime!

(translated by MS)

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  1. Hozue,

    You were speaking of Hajime communicating with his eyes, and I wanted to pass information to you that would help him communicate better. It is called Speakbook.

    "Speakbook is an inexpensive, low-tech communication tool that allows you to talk with a speaking partner using only your eyes. It is easy to use and takes only seconds to learn."

    I did not know if ya'll had tried this yet or not or heard of it. I think Hajime's life can be transformed by this simple device, because he could tell you his thoughts better.