Oct 29, 2012

Taking a Family Picture

Yesterday we went to church to take a family picture.

It's for the church directory.

We hadn't used the wheelchair in a while, but we made it.

We got dressed up for the picture.  We dressed Hajime in one of Dad's shirts and some pants and he looked pretty nice!

First, a picture with me!

Then, a picture in our yard...


And then we arrived at church.

Hajime's nose was very runny, so he had to take pictures with tissue stuffed in his nose, but we took it out for the church picture.

It was the first time in a while that he went out, and his secretion was normal.  It is very important for him to move around like this, so that was good.

Well, we are finally going to Disneyland next Saturday!

(translated by MS)

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