Sep 29, 2012

Because It's Palliative care

Hajime's fever is finally coming down.
He still had a fever last night, but we gave him something to lower his fever, so this morning he is back to normal. But we must not let our guard down, because these past few days, he has been coming down with a fever at night.

Last time, I wrote about our appointment with the doctor and he told us the following.

He said that every time Hajime has some infection, they have been giving him strong antibiotics to treat it, but if he were in the hospital, that is something they absolutely would not be doing.  He said they continue to do that only because they are trying to ease the pain.

He explained that, as Hajime's palliative care team, they are treating him to relieve the pain.

We, as parents, worry a great deal about that.  We understand that, but we also feel anxious about it.
He has taken antibiotics three times since the beginning of this year.
Of course, we must be careful with the antibiotics because we don't want him to develop a resistance to them.

They are planning to do tests to figure out exactly what (bacteria) is causing this fever.

We have already started giving Hajime "breathing treatments" using an antibiotic called tobimiacin around his lung area.
The same can be said about this medication.  He will develop a resistance.

My husband and I are taking this very seriously.
Is giving him antibiotics the best?  We don't know anymore.
We can only pray.

We pray that he doesn't get a worse infection!

(translated by MS)

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  1. Asking the Lord to give ya'll grace, peace, and mercy:) Please tell Hajime hey for me! Glad he is feeling better.