Jun 13, 2012


On Sunday, June 10th, there was a ceremony called Baccalaureate at Hajime’s high school.
Hajime borrowed a gown and cap from high school and attend to the ceremony. First, student gather to take a panoramic class photo.

It was very hot day so Hajime seemed to had a hard time because of his gown but he could join to the class photo.

It looks so nice.

After that, all of the student move to the auditorium for the Baccalaureate. Student line up to march in the auditorium. There were performances during the ceremony. One of that was a piano play that dedicated for Hajime. It was a very beautiful sound.

At the end, all move out to the school patio. 

The last moment with their friends at high school... 
They greet each other and take photos…
We got such a nice family photo too.

It was a bit sad since this could be the last moment to see their friends but I hope when they come back to the town, they could stop by to see Hajime.
I hope this was a memorable ceremony for Hajime.

(translated by HM)

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