Jun 7, 2012

IV is working well

It’s been days since he started an i.v. .
He is doing well.

The color/smell of his secretion is improving and his nose dripping has clearing.
We are hoping his condition to keep improving before he gets checked on after two weeks.

We don’t know at this point whether the catheter will be removed or not, but hoping to leave it in even though we would have to take care of it, as it is a painful process to redo it for Hajime.  We need to pay attention not to get him infected.

Hajime is invited to a morning gathering at his high school. One hundred cranes made by everyone will be given to him. There is only one week left before saying good bye to high school friends. I think it’s important for him to see everyone before that. Hope everything will go smoothly without making Hajime disappointed.

And we have a graduation ceremony next week on the 14th.
We are looking forward to it as Hajime will be attending.
To be honest, I have mixed feelings when I think about how Hajime is feeling.

(Translated by YB)

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