Jun 16, 2012

A Parent's Complicated Feelings

Yesterday was the high school's formal graduation ceremony.
Facebook was filled with graduation pictures.
I was moved by the pictures of everyone tossing their caps.

But, unfortunately, Hajime could not attend the graduation.
He participated in the Baccalaureate on June 10 in place of yesterday's graduation, but personally I wished that he could have gone to the June 14 graduation ceremony.

To be  honest, it's painful for me to look at everyone's Facebook pictures.

The reason we went on the 10th is because the Baccalaureate was going to be held indoors.  The graduation would be outdoors.
Nowadays, it 's very hot outside and that makes it very hard for Hajime.
He let me know that he felt like he didn't have to go at all, but I had mixed feelings and I wondered what he was really thinking.

Last night was the last time that Hajime would be able to see his classmates.
I hope that they will be able to spread their wings and fly and live life to the fullest...in Hajime's place...

(translated by MS)