Jun 23, 2012


We are still holding Hajime’s feeding. Since last night, we start a new medication. This is replacement for the Miralax and seems to work very well and had a lot of BM today. Actually it worked more than we anticipate. Unfortunately we cannot control this well and feel sorry to Hajime.

He still does not feel hungry but demand for a juice. Our nurse says it is ok to give it so we are just giving but this cause to exceed the residual more than 100ml. Hoping that this stomach problem resolve soon.

Today, Japanese pastors have visit Hajime for a prayer. Hajime looks calm and comfortable. I’m so grateful that somebody comes for a prayer for Hajime and for our family. They told Hajime that someday get well and go to the service together...
I wish that kind of day will come true.

I believe in a miracle of God.

(translated by HM)

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