Jun 20, 2012

Stomach problem

Past few days, Hajime’s stomach residual is always more than 100ml. Because of this, we have to stop giving nutrition past two days.
Which mean, he hasn’t eaten at all but he doesn’t feel hungry.
Even today’s morning, he had more than 110ml residual so we stopped again. Doctor told us if we have more than 100ml residual, stop giving feeding.

His BM is also not so good. For a past few weeks, it was kind of loose but past two day, is it completely none. Like this time, we have to use a suppository, which Hajime hate. Actually we used today but did not work well.

We have been told that this two problem are related. So, it makes me worry but just need to keep eye on it.
During the bed bath, Hajime complain his stomachache and start to cry.
His pain level was 6 out of 10 so we give a medication.
Mary will call us tomorrow so we will discuss about this issue.

By the way,,,
Our new night nurse slept during her shift and actually she confessed to the agency about this incidence. Now, the agency need to investigate about this incident and during this moment we don’t have any night nurse..
It is very annoying. Now we have to do ourselves at the nighttime again.
According to the agency, they take this kind of problem very seriously. We might have to start over finding new nurse again.
Hope this problem resolve soon.

(translated by HM)

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