Jun 10, 2012

Farewell Party

Yesterday we attended the farewell party at the high school. 
Our friend Michelle invited us to go, so we are truly grateful to her.
Thank you so much, Michelle!

The people at the high school made this beautiful gift for us.  They folded 1000 origami cranes and arranged them to spell out the word, "ai", (love) in Japanese.

Hajime accepted this gift as the cheers of "Hajime! Hajime! Hajime!" echoed in the gym.
It was a very emotional event.  I almost started to cry, but I knew I couldn't be taking group pictures with a teary face, so I tried my best to keep my composure.

This gathering was so different from a Japanese high school.  The energy of the students' voices! 
I know that if Hajime had been able to participate with them, he would have been smiling and screaming himself.  He just loves this sort of thing.

I think Hajime had mixed feelings, but he was glad he was able to go.  It was really good all around.

We are very grateful to all the high school teachers.
Thank you, everyone!

(translated by MS)

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