Jun 21, 2012

Symptom of dehydration

Today, Hajime had a symptom of dehydration and Mary come to see him around 4pm.

Today’s morning he had a residual of more than 100ml so we stopped the feeding again. The residual was kind of dark green. It was similar like when people vomit without anything in their stomach. His urinal is also getting less.

Mary takes a look his blood pressure, pulses, fever and sound of this stomach, and she think he is not dehydrate yet so we were relieved.
However because he has not having BM for a while, she suggested giving Hajime an enema and a suppository. Hajime hate this and he was crying. It seems that this BM problem is one of a common problem of ALS.

As a caregiver, too loose BM is hard on our end but we have to deal with this. Miralex cause to make BM loose but we have to increase dose as well.
We are just hoping that he recover soon and let him able to have a feeding more regularly.

(translated by HM)

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