Jun 25, 2012

Getting much better

It passed one week since Hajime got a stomach problem.
Medications are working and now residual get less so we can start giving feeding as usual. However, medication is working too strong and his BM gets too loose. So now we have to hold the medication.
His G-tube used to be very clean but now it is getting greenish. This color is not so good so we need to get close eye on it.

Last night, I just could not stop thinking about Hajime’s situation and could not stop crying. I was crying next to Hajime.
Just two years ago, we were talking many kind of things together,,,
When does God cure Hajime?
I wish I was a person in a position Hajime is now facing…
While I was crying, Hajime giving me a kind and warm eye to me.
Why to Hajime...

It is very hard for me to thanks for everything even with this circumstance.

(translated by HM)

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